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Female 14ft Lavender Reticulated Python
Ball python, about 2 years old. Was told it is female when purchased but I have not had it sexed. Is a family pet, has not been bred. My schedule makes it difficult to adequately care for her.
I had 14 baby bearded dragons for sale that I have been raising and caring for since the mother laid eggs. Now I am down to 12. They are about 2 1/2 months old. I would like to give these baby beardies a great home! I also have the mother and father for sale. Just leave me a message or give me a call so that we can work something out. Thanks!!!
18 years old healthy male African Spurred (Sulcata) 100% plant origin tortoises in stock for sale 175lbs 3feet long. interested buyers text(402) 249-2255
16 yrs Healthy Adult female African Spurred Tortoises in stock 168Lbs and 3ft long and 100% plant origin. Interested buyers contact (402) 249-2255 Thanks. Amber pets-home.
Gingi 25534, Gobi 25535, Gadi 25536, Galu 25537, and Gimlie 25538 are 5 male leopard geckos that are looking for their forever home. They are interesting little guys, all with their own personalities. They do not have to be adopted together, so please come in and check these guys out! Visit this organization's website to see any additional information available about this pet.
I m a male juvenile Reeve s turtle for adoption in the Baltimore York area. I need at least a gallon tank for now and when I m full grown I ll need at least a gallon aquarium but larger will be better. A gallon Rubbermaid stock tank would be a great enclosure for me (and stock tanks are much cheaper than aquariums). Reeve s usually need slightly shallow water but we can handle deep water IF it ...
Berlin is an adult male aquatic red-eared slider (RES) turtle. H e s in the Baltimore area but transport is available to the York area. He s about and a little over years old. That s kind of young for a turtle (sliders can live - years typically) so he might put on another inch over time. He s been living in a gallon tank so a gallon tank would be a real upgrade for him (although larger is nice...
I am a young adult female aquatic Yellowbellied Slider turtle (Trachemys scripta scripta) near Baltimore MD but transpot is available to York PA. I m about - long and kind of young for a turtle. I eat Mazuri Reptomin and Zoo Med turtle pellets and other brands of pellets dark leafy greens and thin slices of sweet potato. I d really like a gallon aquarium or gallon Rubbermaid stock tank (larger ...
Male and female captive breed piebald ball pythons avialable for sale. They are months old and very healthy i feed them once every week with a medium size frozen mouse and they are great eaters the are very active and also perfect for breeding . They shed well and they will come together with some accesories including complte tank.email or me for details . Photos and contact info on Advertigo w...
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